Kristy, Scout

-Scouts: Kind, successful, well-groomed men and women for our clients
-Interviews: Clients to hone in on intangible human elements clients express and translates them into tangible values
- Matches: analyzes these values to then predict a potential compatibility between two people in a way a computer algorithm cannot...yet
diagnoses if there's anything personal/individual that has been holding them back


Pamela, Media Strategist

Pamela is the founder of PRG Strategies, a boutique Social Media Agency located in NYC. 
She specializes in providing custom social media strategy and engaging digital content. 
By focusing on targeted engagement and high quality content, 
Pamela creates an community of evangelists around Bonnie Winston Matchmaker.  


Ruta, Profile Writer

An interview with Ruta will make sure that you and your accomplishments shine, and what you want in a partner is exactly stated.