Bonnie will add meaning to your life by finding you a loving relationship. She believes you can have passion without drama, thus creating joy for YOU.

Her process is simple:

It all starts with a personal meeting during which you and Bonnie have a confidential conversation.  "I really try to get to know you and your needs: what you are looking for in a life partner, what's worked for you in past relationships and more importantly, what hasn't worked. What are your values, goals, and interests? What are your non-negotiables?”

Matchmaking Bonnie works in a very organic way. "I don't have members that I set up time and time again no matter who my clients are. I get to know each client personally,  make an assessment, then I reach out to my pool of contacts, both professional and personal. If both partners are willing to meet, you have yourself a first date.”

Vetting and Researching Websites Bonnie will research and vet potential partners on popular dating sites, but with much better results than you may have had.  "People respond much more positively to a professional matchmaker that advocates for you confidently and assertively, in a manner you might not be comfortable with doing so for yourself. I spend time eliminating weeks and weeks of tedious searching for you.” 

Coaching By request Bonnie can coach you through the dating process into a longterm relationship. For instance, she'll explain why she believes in the good ol' fashioned courting process before jumping into bed with a potential match.

She can help you understand the nuances of dating and how your behavior can be interpreted by the other person.  She can help you not make negative assumptions based on your past and learned insecurities.  Bonnie will get to the root of your dating habits so that this time, you will end up in a healthy and happy relationship you deserve.

Personal Image Consulting  Bonnie owned one of the top influential bicoastal photography agencies from the 1990's to 2012. As a result, she is connected with leading fashion and beauty photographers, as well as hair and makeup stylists to help you take the perfect profile pictures. She will present you in your best (yet still authentic) light.

Matebaiting:  Bonnie Winston  coined a term she calls “matebaiting.” Matebaiting means exactly that, people are dating and baiting the other person with exactly what the other person says they want.  These people, it can be a man or woman, are not really interested in long-term, they’re just manipulating the situation.   We'll make sure you don't get mate-baited ever again, and in turn become the perfect bait for the perfect mate.