Appeared in New York Post: These Couples Conquered Financial Stress -- And You Can, Too

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Bonnie Winston, 54, and her husband Ken Sugarman, 63, have a more old-fashioned approach to managing their finances, and that suits Winston just fine.

“He is the ‘boss of the budget,’ but I am the boss on how to spend it,” says Winston, a 54-year-old matchmaker who lives in Noho. “He decides how much we can spend on a vacation, and then I’m the one who chooses where to go.”

While Sugarman makes three times Winston’s salary, both of their incomes go into a joint account. From there, Winston organizes payments for their monthly bills (including private-school education for their 11-year-old son), and sets aside an allotted amount for nonessential expenses.

Every three months, the couple, who have been married for 17 years, sits down to decide how they’ll spend their fun money — whether it’s on vacation or a shopping spree.

“[Couples avoid] talking about finances because they think it’s unromantic,” says Sugarman. “But if you let each other know exactly where you both stand [with money], then you’re working together … it makes your relationship stronger.”

“It’s a win-win for us,” Winston says. “We don’t fight.”

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