Appeared on YourTango: How To Tell He's Not Into You, According To Relationship Experts

"9. He starts hanging out with other people in his social sphere more than he does with you. 

Whether it's his friends, or staying "late at work" more and more often, it should be clear that you aren't a priority.

"He only initiates a date with you when he wants sex, but isn’t interested in hanging out with you or having a conversation otherwise," says Bonnie Winston, celebrity matchmaker and relationship expert.

10. He starts making up excuses NOT to have sex with you. 

He’s "too full from dinner" or he has to "wake up early for work" the next day when none of these things kept him from jumping on you before. That's a clear sign.

11. He doesn't discuss the future with you.

He used to talk about the next vacation you two were going to take or how you’d eventually move to the suburbs to raise your kids. 'But these days it seems like all your plans revolve around the routine present,' says Winston.

12. He’s always on his phone when you’re at a restaurant.

'Instead of staring into your eyes for hours, he’s staring at his Instagram feed. Every text ping seems to interrupt your conversation and he’s responding instead of concentrating on you,' warns Winston."


Original Article: How To Tell He's Not Into You, According To Relationship Experts by Aly Walansky