Women, This is How You Keep a Man


1) Having him "wine and dine" you is fine for the first few weeks.  But reciprocate.
Offer to cook him a meal. Do NOT think this will lead to intimate relations just because you are at home near a bedroom (after all you aren't a "Pro").  The same holds true if he offers to cook you a meal at his pad (even if he has the skills of Anthony Bourdain).

2) After a good date where he is generous or cooks you can be thoughtful by dropping off flowers either store-bought or handpicked  with a vase that complements his home.  A man wants to feel appreciated too. 

3) If you have been intimate PRACTICE YOUR KEGEL EXERCISES daily. 1-2-3 SQUEEZE repeat 50 times daily

3. Have your nails done. Even if they are short, make sure they are clean .

4) Ladies...Pedicures with color or a french one are a must.  

5) Hoops earrings are sexy. They don’t have to be big either.  

6) Always smell good but don’t overdo it. French women lightly spray and then walk through the mist.

7) “Date looks” ...it’s ok to wear black, but you should dress in a jewel tone every 3 dates.  Hot pink, light pink, greens and blues are in!  If you google the recent Prada ads, pink is prominent.  If you choose black because it slims wear colorful accessories and eye catching jewelry. 


Credit: Bergdorf Goodman

Credit: Bergdorf Goodman

8) Look in his eyes while he speaks  and not your phone. In fact turn your phone completely off! (unless you have kids, then keep on vibrate in case of an emergency)

9) Say his name while conversing.